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  • A heated discussion follows when Keith and Laurie see an underground movie. The result is Laurie's challenge to Keith that he couldn't do any better. Keith rises to the occasion and with Danny's financial backing and help he proceeds to film """"The History of the World,"""" starring the Partridge family and featuring Reuben Kincaid as Dolly Madison. The family gets a few good laughs out of the movie and even Reuben likes it. Danny, however, sees this limited success as a chance to recoup his investment and makes a large profit. Unfortunately, no one wants to see the film and it looks as though Keith will have to take a loss on the venture because Danny wants to be paid back in any case. Finally, a local theater owner shows some interest in the film. The Partridge will not allow the uncut version to be seen in public and Keith must edit the film. There's not much left after the cutting and the Partridge family winds up adding a live musical background to a film of the Partridge family wavi

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