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  • After a flashback/dream by Bert Myers to his career in Eastern Europe as a spy, cut to modern-day where Bert and his girlfriend Catherine are having problems. Bert needs Amanda to break into the house of Ludwig. He doesn't tell her he needs some files that Ludwig has on him from the past that he can blackmail Bert with. Bert ends up shooting Ludwig in self-defense while an unknowing Amanda steals a painting and later sells it to Basil. Shelater finds out about the murder, and thinks Bert set her up (since the painting she sold can be traced to the house). Bert buys the painting from Basil and gives it to Amanda. However, Ludwig's protege still has the files, and forces Bert to try and kill a Indian ambassador, Chandra, by using his security firm. Bert refuses, and he and Nick manage to intercept the protege as he attempts the assassination. "Chandra" escapes in a limo, but it's actually Amanda. The driver is Bert's girlfriend Catherine, who was planted on him by Ludwig as a contingency.

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