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  • Laura has a baby girl - 8lbs, 3 oz! Anne goes back east. Mac asks Greg if he could be Paige's father, but Greg insists he never slept with Anne. Jill intercepts Olivia's letter for Peter and burns it. Paige thinks she and Peter are getting married. Peter tells Abby that he'd rather marry her. Abby tells him to dump Paige. After he does, Abby tells Peter to take a hike. Mac and Karen tell Paige that Greg may be her father. Crying, she says Anne was just being vindictive, but thinks this is why Peter broke it off with her. Ben tells Val that his obsession is ruining the family, and she thinks he has come back to his senses. Ben makes plans to leave the country, but tells Val he got a job in South America. Ben asks Mac to keep an eye on the family, and tells Gary that he's glad he's glad that the twins have him as security, in case something should ever happen to him. Ben leaves for his ""job"" in a taxi, but one gets the feeling he is really leaving forever......

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