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  • Movie: ""The Alcatraz Express"" (continued) Sunday, August 19, 1934. At 2:30 a.m., the Big Train is backed into the prison yard of the State Pen in Atlanta. 54 hardened criminals, including Al Capone and Tony Diaz, are handcuffed and loaded onto the train. On board are prison guards armed with machine-guns. Once seated, the prisoners are additionally given leg shackles and told to put them on. Then, at 5:00 a.m., the Big Train pulls out-- right on schedule. Ness and his men fly to Salt Lake City, Utah, and get there 3:00 p.m.; they head straight to the Lone Eagle Flying Service. One of Nitti's boys, Victor Seth Gordon, carrying 300 grand in a suitcase, has just hired Fred Noonan to put his plane ""on hold"" until the 22nd, and then fly a client to Mexico; oddly enough, Seth Gordon never told Noonan to keep his mouth shut-- when Ness and Lee Hobson pose as potential customers, Noonan tells them all about the trip to Mexico, what the guy who hired him (""Mr. Green"") looks like, the ti

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