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  • Darren/Amy, Eve/Eddie written by Dave Holden, directed by Tim Andrew Eve is Amy's costume person for the upcoming school play. They become friends quickly, then Amy's boyfriend Darren comes in. Eve leaves and talks with her boyfriend Eddie. Eddie wants to have sex with Eve, but Eve says she is not ready. She remembers she forgot something in the wardrobe room and as she and Eddie go back there, they overhear Darren breaking up with Amy because he doesn't like who Amy is. Amy feels insecure now that she is alone, so she asks Eddie to stay with her. She tries seducing Eddie and he flips out so he leaves. Darren and Eve talk and get to know each other until Eddie comes running to talk to Eve. He asks when they will have sex, but Eve says she is still unsure and wants to wait. Amy calls Eddie back into the dressing room and she winds up undressing for him. ------------------------------- Trevor/Holly written by Jason Berlin & Rico Gagliano, directed by Danny Salles Trevor and Holly are wor

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