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  • Carmine calls the gang together at the Pizzabowl and asks them all if they're willing to help him put on a Christmas show for the local hospital. Carmine and none of the others know that it's a mental hospital. When they get there they're greeted by one of the patients pretending to be a doctor. The real doctor enters and tells the group that it is a mental hospital. Shirley immediately becomes anxious as her parents always used to threaten her when she was a little girl that she would be placed in such a place along with her dotty aunt. The shows starts with Edna doing a song and playing a small guitar, followed by Carmine singing ""Jingle Bell Rock"" and tap dancing, then Lenny and Squiggy sing ""The Jolliest Fat Man"" and finished off with Laverne and Shirley baton twirling and singing. The show ends on a warm note getting the message to the viewer that they shouldn't forget the poor people who are on their own at Christmas.

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