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  • The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of Pakistan is, in principle, the highest-ranking military officer in the Pakistan Defense Forces, and the principal military advisor to the Prime minister of Pakistan, Parliament of Pakistan, Ministry of Defence, and the National Security Council. However, even as the Principal Staff Officer, the Chairman does not have any authority over the combatant forces. The individual service chiefs are solely responsible for the coordination of the Armed and Combatant forces. Despite not being the highest-ranking officer, in Pakistan, the Chief of Army Staff is considered a powerful officer as can be seen by the number of times the Army Chief of Staff has overthrown the government and declared himself the ruler of the country. The Chairman outranks all respective heads of each service branch but does not have operational command authority over them or their service branches. General Pervez Musharraf is the only military officer, who as Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, overthrew the democratic government of Prime minister Nawaz Sharif on October 12, 1999,