<p>Talent for the Game was a 1991 film about a baseball scout, directed by Robert M. Young and starring Edward James Olmos and Lorraine Bracco in her first film after Goodfellas.
It co-stars Terry Kinney, Jamey Sheridan and Jeff Corbett.
Scenes were filmed in the small town Genesee, Idaho, between Lewiston and Moscow.
Virgil Sweet (Olmos) is a veteran baseball scout for the California Angels. He is in danger of losing his life's work because the Angels' new owner, Gil Lawrence (Kinney), is unhappy with the farm system and threatening to eliminate the team's scouts.
Virgil hasn't discovered a great young prospect for quite a while. One day, when the car that he and girlfriend Bobbie (Bracco), who also is employed by the team, breaks down on a rural road, Virgil happens upon a country boy named Sammy Bodeen (Corbett) who has a pitching arm worthy of the major leagues.
Greeted back in Anaheim with considerable skepticism, Virgil arranges a tryout for Sammy. The boy is wild at first and Virgil's great find appears to be a big joke. Once he calms down, however, Sammy proves to have everything it takes to make it big.
Team management, desperate for a new star, immediately begins to overplay</p>