<p>The Temuans are one of indigenous peoples of Malaysia.
They speak Temuan, an Austronesian language. Like other indigenous tribes in Malaysia, most Temuans live in poverty.
Many thousand years ago, a lot of Temuan people died because they had committed "Celau" (the sins that angered god and their ancestors). Their god has sent a "Celau" punishment in a form of a Great Flood which had drowned all the Temuan sinners that day. Only two of the Temuans, named Mamak and Inak Bungsuk survived that day by climbing at Eagwood tree at Gunung Raja (Royal Mountain) located at the border of Selangor and Pahang state. There was a Temuan village over there named Kampung Orang Asli Pertak. Mamak and Inak Bungsuk survived because they had an enchanting mantra or spell to ease down the "Celau" storm. Gunung Raja (Royal Mountain) became the birth places and ancestral home of the Temuan tribe. Mamak Bungsuk (Adam) and Inak Bungsuk (Eve) are the Temuan analogues of Adam and Eve in the myth of the birth of humanity.
A basic traditional Temuan belief is that their God and ancestors are always present with them, guarding their safety.
At the end of every year, the Temuans celebrate Aik Gayak Muyang</p>