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  • Animal Planet Nordic is a television channel broadcasting nature-related documentaries to the Nordic countries. Animal Planet was launched in the Nordic region in 1997. In 2001, the channel received a license to broadcast in the digital terrestrial network in Sweden. By 2008, the channel had regularly been one of the twenty most watched channels in Sweden for a few years. From 2007, the channel is also broadcast terrestrially in Norway via the RiksTV package. For its first ten years in existence, the channel used a logo with a globe and an elephant which was also used by its sister channels. On October 1, 2008, the channel switched a new logo, which had previously been adopted by Animal Planet in the United States. A high-definition version of the channel, called Animal Planet HD, was launched on February 3, 2009. That made the Nordic region the first region to get a high-definition version of Animal Planet after the United States. The high-definition channel has a separate schedule in order to broadcast only high-definition programmes. Programmes shown on the channel include: Animal Cops: Houston Animal Cops: Philadelphia Animal Cops: Phoenix Animal Crackers Big Cat Diary