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  • Choora Sharif Tehsil Jand, Attock, is situated at 102 km from Rawalpindi to Kohat road. Chura Sharif has the largest naqshbandi shrine in the sub-continent. It is the Centre of Naqshbandi order in sub-continent. Almost 73 Dargahs in sub-continent received spiritualities from this pious and great shrine. Chura Shareef's village has now expanded. The area between Tehsil Pindigep and Khush Aab is known as either Pothwar or Awan Kari. The majority of the people living in this central area are known as Qutb Shahi Awan. The village itself is only populated in one area, the rest three areas are vacant. There may only be a single house made of bricks, the rest are all mud houses, of course, the Masjid's are made of concrete. The focus even now is on simplicity and humbleness. It is in the last 20–25 years that several changes have been made, a more appropriate road has been built, and electricity and telecommunications have become available. When Bawa Ji came to Chura Sharif, there was a single file road and just one train track.