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  • "Break out the mustache wax! This vintage pre-condom offering from the hedonistic 70's is a veritable facial hair fiesta. Though the men are rugged and butch, the problem with this film is the cinematography. Jerky shots, rapid crosscutting and a generally grainy look detract from what could be some balls-out sex. The camera jumps around so much it's hard to get into any of the action; it could induce nausea in those with weak stomachs. There’s some sort of silly subplot involving a bomb in a white box, but mostly its just about men doin’ the do with other men. The action itself is mostly what you’d expect, with a dash of kink (bondage) thrown in for shits and giggles. One of the highlights of the film is a non-sexual one - a riotous voice-over by an uber-queenie New York Mary that’s a real rib-tickler. To be fair, there are some really good scenes, including a back-alley cruising, and a porno bookstore one that ends with most of the cast in its basement making non-stop use of gloryholes. Those who are used to more recent porn will be somewhat disappointed, but diehard nostalgia buffs will enjoy this trip back to the glory days of unwrapped meat and mutton chops." Quoting a review by T.J. Maxxwell

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