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  • Guests: --Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - does imitations, appears with Ed. Later in show, tells jokes about income tax and JFK. --Carol Lawrence & Hugh Lambert - dance from ""Subways Are Sleeping"" --Carol Lawrence - ""When The Sun Comes Out"" --Sid Caesar (comedian) - does a pantomime of people waking up in the morning --Sid Caesar & Carol Lawrence - do a comic performance of ""Shadow Waltz"" --Earl Grant & Bill Grant - ""Lonesome Road"" Cast of the Richard Rogers Broadway show ""No Strings"": --Diahann Carroll - ""The Sweetest Sound""/""Sweetest Sounds"" (from ""No Strings"") and ""Loads of Love"" --Richard Kiley, Bernice Massi & cast - ""Be My Host"" (production number from ""No Strings"") --Richard Kiley - ""No Strings"" --Noelle Adam - also in ""No Strings"" cast

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