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  • The Częstochowa Ghetto Uprising was an insurrection in Poland's Częstochowa Ghetto against German occupation forces during World War II. It took place in late June 1943, resulting in some 2,000 young Jews losing their lives. The first instance of armed resistance took place on January 4, 1943, at the so-called Large Ghetto established by the Germans in April 1941. During the 'selection' of some 500 Jews to be deported to the ghetto in Radomsko, shooting broke out at the Warsaw Square in which Mendel Fiszelewicz along with Isza Fajner were killed. 50 young Jews were executed in reprisal. The final liquidation of the so-called Small Ghetto commenced in June 1943, after four months of mass executions at the Cemetery and 'selections' of Jews for deportations to slave labour camps including in Bliżyn. On June 25, 1943 a full uprising broke out, organized by the Organisation of Jewish Fighters, even though the insurgents were weakly armed. They barricaded themselves in bunkers along the Nadrzeczna Street. In the fighting and subsequent massacres 1,500 Jews died.