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  • Buprestis is a genus of beetles in the family Buprestidae, the jewel beetles. As of 2011 there were 78 described species distributed across most of the world's ecozones except parts of Africa and Antarctica. Species include: Buprestis adjecta Buprestis aetnensis Baviera & Sparacio, 2002 Buprestis alemanica Buprestis apicipennis Reitter, 1898 Buprestis apricans Herbst, 1801 Buprestis atlas Szallies, 1994 Buprestis auratostriata Buprestis aurora Bellamy, 2011 Buprestis aurulenta Linnaeus, 1767 Buprestis bergevini Théry, 1911 Buprestis bertheloti Laporte & Gory, 1837 Buprestis bilyi Novak & Kubá, 1993 Buprestis biplagiata Waterhouse, 1882 Buprestis carabuho Westcott, 1998 Buprestis catoxantha Gory, 1840 Buprestis concinna Buprestis confluenta Say, 1823 Buprestis connexa Horn, 1875 Buprestis consularis Gory, 1841 Buprestis costipennis Buprestis cubensis Fisher, 1925 Buprestis cupressi Germar, 1817 Buprestis cuprostriata Buprestis dalmatina Mannerheim, 1837 Buprestis decemspilota Hope, 1831 Buprestis decipiens Fisher, 1925 Buprestis decora Fabricius, 1775 Buprestis deleta Buprestis douei Lucas, 1846

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