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  • Jessie Graham Flower is apparently a pseudonym for American author Josephine Chase who was the author of the popular Grace Harlowe series of 27 books for girls, written between 1910 and 1924. The books fall into four separate series, including a high school series, college series, Overseas series, and Overland Riders series. Despite the popularity of these books and their continuing availability on the used market, there is almost no information available on-line about the author. The author was also known by other pseudonyms including Pauline Lester, Ames Thompson, Capt, Gordon Bates, and Dale Wilkins. Josephine Chase also penned the Khaki Boys series under the pseudonym Captain Gordon Bates. The Harlowe series follows the life of its heroine more or less chronologically from high school through college and beyond. Like Flower's other heroine, Grace is a role-model, already a "paragon when her story begins". Wikipedia