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  • Data aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network refers to acquiring the sensed data from the sensors to the gateway node. Data aggregation plays a vital role in Wireless Sensor Networks since the aggregation schemes followed here involve in reducing the amount of power consumed during data transmission between the sensor nodes. There are several aggregation techniques followed in Wireless Sensor Network,Such as Tree based Aggregation In network aggregation A Wireless Sensor Network typically consists of a sink node sometimes referred to as a Base Station and a number of small wireless sensor nodes. The base station is assumed to be secure with unlimited available energy while the sensor nodes are assumed to be unsecured with limited available energy. The sensor nodes monitor a geographical area and collect sensory information. Sensory information is communicated to the Base Station through Wireless hop by hop transmissions. To conserve energy this information is aggregated at intermediate sensor nodes by applying a suitable aggregation function on the received data. Aggregation reduces the amount of network traffic which helps to reduce energy consumption on sensor nodes. It however complicates the already existing security challenges for wireless sensor networks and requires new security techniques tailored specifically for this scenario. Providing security to aggregate data in Wireless Sensor Networks is known as Secure Data Aggregation in WSN. were the first few works discussing techniques for secure data aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks. Wikipedia