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  • This variant brings the existing M-84 battle tank design, originally Yugoslav, to the Croatian M-84D standard, equipped with a new 1,200 hp engine and new RRAK ERA armour. The M-84D is equipped with either a Rafael - Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station or a Kongsberg Protector Remote Controlled Weapon Station, and has a new Omega ballistic computer. The M-84D has an electric cupola, giving it ability to fire at multiple targets in fast sequence, new SDZ defence suite protects the crew from biological, chemical and nuclear strikes. M-84D Tank night vision capability is provided by advanced thermal imaging sensors and cameras providing the tank with night fighting capability as well as ability to see through fog, in shade, and during a storm, i.e. greatly reduced visibility. Tanks are equipped with the latest Racal communication suite, which now comes as standard on all new M84D and M84A4 tanks. The M-84A4 and M-84D have an operational range of 700 km and a maximum speed of 65 km/h. Improvements and new auto loader have increased efficiency by 15%, meaning 9 shells per minute instead of 8 shells per minute. The M-84D is a second version of the upgraded tanks. It has also chains on the back of the tank to protect the engine and has SLAT armour around the ammunition to prevent an ATG or a shell from hitting it. M-84D received few additional upgrades, turret basket was added to provide extra space for extra ammunition and to provide increased armour protection. Turret basket has additional slat armour, which adds additional armour to the exterior of the tank. M84D and M84A4 are to receive 12.7mm Kongsberg Protector Remote Weapon Stations which are to be integrated on to all M84D and M84A4 tanks. M-84D will also feature LIRD-4B - Laser irradiation detector and warner and LAHAT anti tank missiles. Wikipedia