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  • Swakula Sali is one of the castes listed in the list of Indian castes. They are also known as Saliyas. Lord Shri Jihveshwara is believed to be the originator of this caste and the Swakula salis are his descendants. Marathi is the primary language spoken by the Swakulasalis. Salias are of Brahman origin with command over Rigveda and Samaveda. At some point of time, they struggled to survive performing only Brahmenical rituals. They later became Kshatriya as well. They were supposed to spread the Vedic Knowledge travelling form one place to another with the help of their skills as their bread-and-butter. Adimaia requested Shiva to create a Punia Purusha who can weave exquisite clothes. As per instructions from Aadimaya, Shiva created a child form his tongue in Shraven Masa, Traiodashi, easily morning on Mondai. The naming ceremony was performed in great pomp at Mount Kailash. The boy was named 'SALI' to assist everybody by all means in weaving, designing and coloring of the cloth. Goddess Parvati named his Kula as Swakula for promoting iin teh mankind. As the child was born thru the tongue of Shiva, Goddess Parvati named him as "Jhiveshwara".