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  • Although Allison screamed she didn't want any fuzz for her 'sweet sixteenth' birthday, both parents decide to give her a memorable one. Fran comes trough: when she spots 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' presenter Kyan Douglas in Gregory's shop, she gets him to give Allison and her girlfriends a private make-over at home. Kyan even does the same for Josh, who is proud as a peacock and sends a picture to every girl who ever rejected him; only naturally radiant Ryan is simply too perfect as he is. Scumbag dad Ted had promised tickets for an Andy Vargas concert, but was dumped by Laurie Dean, who would have got them, so he forces Fran to bring the downer. Fran soldiers on till she gets everyone in, and made-up Josh hits on with charming Tina. Back home, the truth gets known, the make-up wears off and Ryan sweetly proves he listened when Fran blurted out she missed out on a memorable sweet sixteen herself.

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