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  • When Joey breaks the Christmas angel while he and Wayne decorate the Christmas tree, Wayne leaves him alone to monitor the turkey while he goes out into the snow to buy a new angel. As the storm causes the lights to go out, Monica arrives to console Joey by telling him the story of the Christmas she spent with Mark Twain in 1909. Monica begins, explaining how Twain returned on Christmas eve after a long absence to find his beloved daughter Jean, his housekeeper Katy Leary, a townswoman, Mrs. Allen with her daughter Helen. Immediately prior to Twain's arrival, Jean shows the others her Christmas gift to her father, a copy of a lost verse from her father's favorite Longfellow poem. When he arrives, Jean hurriedly hides the scroll on the tree. Mrs. Allen and her daughter Helen then leave, Twain comments that such sweetness is the stuff of Heaven. Twain reflects on the deaths of his wife, daughter and infant son and says he is too old to be cheered up. Back in the present, Edna arri
  • Monica and Tess arrive at the DMV where Tess has been instructed to obtain a driver's license. Now ready to take the driving portion, Tess meets her instructor and assignment, Doris. Midway through the driving test, Doris tells Tess to follow a hearse which leads them both to the funeral of Harry Applegate. Doris enters the funeral and steals the ashes of her former lover as Andrew arrives outside as a state policeman. With Harry's ashes in her arms, Doris commands Tess to flee while Harry's widowe, Stella convinces Andrew to pursue in his patrol car. Monica prays at the DMV where she is still waiting for Tess to return and soon is guided to her next in the journey that both Doris and Stella are now taking. Doris tells Tess they are going to Pizmo Beach where she is going to spread Harry'sashes. Instructed by Doris to find food, Tess stops at the ""Heaven on a Bun"" where Monica is now working and quickly exit. Andrew then arrives with Stella and Monica tells him that they are go

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