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  • Richard is an artist diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, a terminal sickness that has a debilitating effect on one's motor functions. Richard is in denial about the prognosis but his wife Sally is not, and she prays for guidance for her family. Monica arrives to help her take care of her three boys, John Henry, George and Ray, while Andrew will assist Richard with his paintings. Sally explains that Richard is working against a deadline, he must finish more paintings if he wishes to show them at the gallery. John Henry, the oldest son, is aware that there is something wrong with his father, but attempts to get him to play games with him. Richard is too weak for this, and also preoccupied with finishing his work so that he can leave hi family with the revenue from his paintings. At the same time Richard is working on ""dream books"" for his sons, scrapbooks that contain sketches and mementos off all the things their father holds dear. When Richard's legs give out, he and Sally bre

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