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  • An influential Japanese businessman who is running an illegal whaling fleet comes to consciousness in a traditional-looking Japanese room. He's threatened by Toshiro in Japanese. Frohike makes an appearance that is truly amazing, and an homage to all those samurai movies and Hong Kong kick flicks you've ever seen. As Frohike attempts to coerce the information about the whaling fleet out of the businessman, we see that it's really a setup by the Gunmen, with their friend's help, to expose the illegal whaling operation. The teaser includes a fight sequence with a shot where Frohike Sensei kicks Toshiro through a wall! [Editor's note: This is hilarious.] Melvin Frohike -- Man of Action! Our story opens with one Alex Goldsmith, hacker extraordinaire (also known as Double Bogey or DB), whacking golf balls from a balcony in the middle of the night, tears running down his cheeks. He whacks one ball into the windshield of an expensive black car, just before he's shot and killed. The Gunmen can
  • While searching for the killer of a notorious hacker, the astute three find a not-so-astute fourth.

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