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  • Frohike has to disguise himself as the long-lost son of a woman who is believed to be a Nazi war criminal that the Gunmen are trying to smoke out of the woodwork. She was famed for poisoning the pastries of the French Resistance. Apparently in at least one scene, Frohike appears in leiderhosen! For the Frohike Liberation Organization, I present this particular priceless gem. One scene in this ep features the little old German lady giving Frohike a bath. Yes, I know that certain members of the FLO may have to be supplied with a bib, safe squidging equipment, and perhaps even five point restraints, but you know, I don't make the news, I just report it.
  • A lederhosen-clad Frohike convinces a Nazi war criminal that he is her long-lost son.

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