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  • This is a special hour long episode that was filmed at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas! In JKX's first-ever pre-credits teaser, Jamie plays a lifeguard who evacuates a swimming pool so that he can take a bathroom the pool. Then, a fellow named Scott "X-es" a few of his relatives by pretending to marry a woman who used to be a man. The blushing bride is none other than Jamie in drag. "Niles Perkins" is "Jaw Man", the blackjack dealer. 'Nuff said. A takeoff on the movie "Indecent Proposal," which has an "I'll give you a million dollars if you'll let me have sex with your wife" storyline. A man tries to "X" his fiancee by having Jamie make an "Indecent Proposal" to her, but while she and Jamie are alone, Jamie lets her in on the joke and tells her to agree to have sex with him no matter how little money he offers! Jamie then repeats this, except the tables are turned: It's a woman who thinks she's going to "X" her husband, but Jamie then tells the husband to agree.

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