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  • GoodNites are used as a way of managing bedwetting. GoodNites are disposable underwear manufactured by Kimberly-Clark and are designed for children who experience bedwetting. They are intended for use for children from four up through twelve years of age. As of 2004, GoodNites feature both cosmetic and functional gender-specific distinctions. GoodNites for girls are most absorbent in the middle, while GoodNites for boys are most absorbent in the front. At present, GoodNites for girls feature prints consisting of butterflies and hearts or butterflies and monkeys, and GoodNites for Boys feature camouflage and trucks or camouflage and skateboarders depending on the size. Like the 2010 re-designs, the current release features two different prints per package. The chart below depicts previous designs corresponding with the year they were first introduced. The latest version of GoodNites features a colored exterior waistband. The interior waistband is colored white, and the faux-exterior waistband is colored blue for the boys version, while the interior waistband and faux-exterior waistband are both colored pink for the girls version.