<p>Humongous is a 1982 horror film (it has elements of splatter/slasher films), starring Janet Julian and David Wallace. The movie is directed by Paul Lynch. There are two versions of the film, the American version which is rated R, and omits some violent scenes. The Canadian version is unrated and contains all of the footage removed from the US version.
It is Labor Day weekend, 1946. Young, virginal Ida Parsons innocuously plays with her German Shepherds as her father hosts a raucous party inside their small island cabin. Amid the festivities, an older, drunken man named Tom Rice staggers outside and propositions Ida. When she refuses, he chases her into the woods and brutally rapes her; her dogs, hearing her muffled cries for help, break out of their pen and track her down in the woods, where they attack and fatally maul Ida's rapist. As Tom lies dying, Ida beats him to death with a log.
The credits, accompanied by somber piano music and the distant barking of dogs, roll over washed out, grainy photos depicting Ida's happy childhood. The photos track Ida from an eight-year-old girl up through her early teens, showing tender memories of her youth, from imaginary parties to group</p>