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  • The Jewish Lyceum (1941-1943) was established at number 1 Voormalige Stadstimmertuin, as a direct result of German measures during the occupation of the Netherlands. The Germans ordered all Jewish pupils at state high schools in Amsterdam to leave; many Jewish children attended these schools. Now they were only allowed to go to a specifically Jewish school. The Jewish Lyceum, unlike the Jewish High School, was not a religious foundation. Its most famous pupil is Anne Frank (1929-1945). One of the teachers at the school was Jacques Presser (1899-1970), later to become one of the Netherlands' most renowned historians. In his book, Ashes in the Wind: the destruction of Dutch Jewry (1965) Presser describes the Jewish high school as follows: A school like any other, some pupils arriving late, some disobedient children, punishments, absenteeism … At this point the writer hesitates a moment, since absentees at this school were a very rare phenomenon. If there were 'disturbances' in the city there would be noticeable gaps in the classrooms; but that wasn't the only thing. The writer will never forget the slight gesture (it was scarcely ever more than that) with which the class followed his glance (it was scarcely ever more that that) towards an empty place; sometimes it was a small flick of the hand, meaning gone underground; sometimes it was a clenched fist, meaning arrested; pantomime lasting a couple of seconds, performed many times. Very few of the pupils from either of the Jewish high schools survived the war. The building that was once the Jewish Lyceum remembers its past with a wall plaque and a distorted Star of David. After the war the Jewish High School reopened in the street Voormalige Stadstimmertuin. At the end of the 1950s the school was renamed Joods Lyceum Maimonides, after the 12th-century Jewish scholar Maimonides. In 1973 the school moved from the city centre to the Amsterdam suburb of Buitenveldert.

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