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  • The Fuzhou dialect, also known as the Foochow dialect, Hoochew, Fuzhounese, or Fuzhouhua, is the standard dialect of Min Dong, which is a branch of Min Chinese spoken mainly in the eastern part of Fujian Province. Native speakers also call it Bàng-uâ, meaning the language spoken in everyday life. In Singapore and Malaysia, the language is known as Hokchiu in Min Nan, Hujiu which is the Min Dong pronunciation of Fuzhou. Like any other Han Chinese dialects e.g. Cantonese, Hokkien, TeoChew, Hakka, Hainanese etc., spoken widely in China and overseas' Chinese globally, the Fuzhou dialect is basically spoken based on the Chinese characters i.e. word by word and had evolved for over thousands of years. In fact, the Fuzhou dialect is much similar to the 'Min-Nan' dialect which in other word, is the Hokkien dialect. It is no wonder that the Fuzhou city is in fact just located next to the city of Xiamen, which consists of the Hokkien speaking community in the Fujian Province. Centered in Fuzhou City, the Fuzhou dialect covers eleven cities and counties: Fuzhou, Pingnan, Gutian, Luoyuan, Minqing, Lianjiang, Minhou, Changle, Yongtai, Fuqing and Pingtan.

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