<div><p>Hi, I'm trying to understand how and if it is possible to get a list of all the items changed in a type.
To be clearer: with</p>
<p>[{   "name":    null,   "timestamp":     null,   "type":          "/film/film" }]</p>
<p>I get a list off all movies and their relative timestamp i.e their CREATION date.</p>
<p>What I'm trying to do is to get a similar list but with an UPDATE/LAST EDITED date, so that I can select all movies, for instance, whose info, any info have been updated since last month.
As far I've understood, you can get the timestamp of any action done over a link between facts quite easily</p>
<p>For instance:</p>
<p>[{ "name": null, "timestamp": null, "type": "/film/film", "genre": [{ "name": null, "index": null, "sort": "-index", "limit": 1, "link": [{ "timestamp": null }] }] }]</p>
<p>should get the latest date of a link action, i.e an UPDATE date on the genre property</p>
<p>Thus, </p>
<p>[{ "name": null, "timestamp": null, "type": "/film/film", "genre": [{ "name": null, "limit": 1, "link": [{ "timestamp": null, "timestamp&gt;": "2008" }] }] }]</p>
<p>should give me all movies whose genre info have been UPDATED since 2008</p>
<p>But if the name of the movie, or an actor, etc have been changed while the genre does not, a query like the previous has no use as it will track only the "genre" changes. And I do not think I should query all the properties of the film type to check if there have been updates. It will be a nightmarish query and a sure performance disaster.</p>
<p>On a hopeful note I see that items (in the freebase interface) do have on the top right a box were you are shown both the CREATED ON date and the LAST EDITED ON date. Thus I believe that it is possible ...</p>
<p>Can somebody point me in the right direction?</p>