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  • GPRS Tunneling Protocol is a group of IP-based communications protocols used to carry general packet radio service within GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. In 3GPP architectures, GTP and Proxy Mobile IPv6 based interfaces are specified on various interface points. GTP can be decomposed into separate protocols, GTP-C, GTP-U and GTP'. GTP-C is used within the GPRS core network for signaling between gateway GPRS support nodes and serving GPRS support nodes. This allows the SGSN to activate a session on a user's behalf, to deactivate the same session, to adjust quality of service parameters, or to update a session for a subscriber who has just arrived from another SGSN. GTP-U is used for carrying user data within the GPRS core network and between the radio access network and the core network. The user data transported can be packets in any of IPv4, IPv6, or PPP formats. GTP' uses the same message structure as GTP-C and GTP-U, but has an independent function. It can be used for carrying charging data from the charging data function of the GSM or UMTS network to the charging gateway function.