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  • Partha is a fictional character in Janet Morris's novel "Beyond Wizardwall," part of the Thieves' World and Sacred Band of Stepsons fictional universes. Partha, a powerful and devout follower of the Storm God, Enlil, conspires with the Nisibisi Freemen to overthrow the Rankan overlords and institute a coup at the Festival of Man. At the request of Bashir, warrior-priest of Enlil, Partha shelters the former Stepson Nikodemos, who trains his children, Grippa and Sauni, for the games to be held at the Festival, not realizing that by so doing Partha attracts the preternatural Roxane, sorcerer of Black Nisibis. When Niko beds Partha's daughter, Sauni, the Nisibisi witch takes revenge upon the Partha family amid preparations for the coup and the attempted assassination of the Rankan emperor. Partha's son is killed by the Nisibisi witch and his pregnant daughter is named a priestess of Enlil. During a confrontation in the assassination attempt, Niko protects the witch from by Enlil's priestess and subsequently rejoins the Sacred Band of Stepsons. Partha loses both children, but ensures the survival of Free Nisibis.