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  • Sepia, a photojournalistic magazine styled like Look and sometimes compared to Ebony, featured articles based primarily on the achievements of African Americans. It was published in Fort Worth, Texas by Good Publishing Company, owned and operated by George Levitan, who was not black himself. Levitan also published Hep, Jive and Bronze Thrills. Adelle Jackson was the editorial director of Sepia, which debuted in 1947 under the name Negro Achievements. It focused on various aspects of African American culture, including churches, civil rights and education. With the goal of fostering leadership, it published serious articles on the development of black institutions, including colleges and universities. The publication often exposed the obstacles facing blacks, from lynching and Ku Klux Klan operations in its earlier publications to the later rise in violence among blacks. Levitan financed John Howard Griffin's investigative journalism book, Black Like Me, which was first serialized in Sepia. In Black Like Me, Griffin described Levitan and Sepia:

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