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  • Opening number, "Sunny Side Up" (DeSylva/Brown/Henderson) (all) (Note: The traditional high dive during the water follies segment was cut from the version of this episode airing on TV Land) Greeting sketch in which Greg tries to take the lead but is rebuffed; Greg announces he shaves more than anyone in the whole family. NOTE: WE ALL KNEW THAT ALREADY! (Commercial break) Musical number, "It's Not Where You Start" (Fields/Coleman) (all) Dissolve to: Carol and some of the kids introduce a sketch which contains a crisis which confronted the family: Marcia, Bobby, Cindy & Peter annoy Greg while the latter tries to compose a song. Carol & Alice return home with take-out food, "corn and cluck for twenty-two bucks." Greg announces he's moving out. Carol is less than happy. Merrill, acting as Greg's broker, shows up to tell Greg about an apartment. Mike is furious with Merrill. Greg agrees to rent the apartment sight unseen. (Commercial break) Marcia introduces the next sketch: Merrill

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