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  • The Indo-Aryan migration hypothesis or theory argues that there was a migration of Indo-Aryans into northern India and Anatolia, after the split of the Indo-Iranians into Indo-Aryan and Iranic peoples. It was part of the larger Indo-European migrations. The idea of an Indo-Aryan immigration was developed shortly after the discovery of the Indo-European language family in the late 18th century. Languages spread across much of Eurasia had a common source in a single ancient tongue; therefore, speakers of that language must have moved out of some original homeland, carrying their languages with them to the vast area they now occupy. Hence there must have been a movement of "Aryans" into India - unless the homeland was in India itself, as some thought. The same reasoning underlies contemporary hypotheses of Indo-Aryan migration, together with genetic, archaeological, literary, and cultural evidence. The debate about the origin of Indo-Aryan peoples in northern India is highly controversial, relating to the indigenous origin of peoples and culture, thus inflaming political agitation and sentiments.