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  • The Indo-Aryan migration hypothesis or theory explains the migration of Indo-Aryans into Anatolia and northern India, after the split of the Indo-Iranians into Indo-Aryan and Iranic peoples. It was part of the larger Indo-European migrations. The theory of the Indo-Aryan migration was developed with the study of the Rig Veda in the mid 19th century by Max Muller. Contemporary claims of Indo-Aryan migrations are drawn from linguistic, genetic, archaeological, literary and cultural sources. The debate about the origin of Indo-Aryan peoples in northern India is highly controversial, relating to the indigenous origin of peoples and culture, thus inflaming political agitation and sentiments. Throughout the evolution of the theory, some have rejected the claim of Indo-Aryan origin outside of India entirely, claiming that the Indo-Aryan people and languages originated in India.