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  • In the wee hours of the morning, at the Casa del Gato, the singer this week is the fair Jerrie Loren. She's singing to the audience, ""Night brings soft winds, and I close my eyes and reminisce. I find my mind filled with memories of our last kiss. The soft winds touch me, gently warming me the way you used to do. Daytime I'm fine, but then comes the night, bringing soft winds and memories of you."" Outside, Arnie Bliss is being attacked by Morgan and his hoods. When one of the hoods slaps him, the Cat turns as he hears the sound. (how can he hear it inside the club, with a band and a singer?) Cat goes outside to investigate, just as Morgan sticks a knife into Arnie. Cat fights off the attackers; Morgan drives away in his car. Arnie, slumped on the sidewalk, says, ""Thanks. I owe ya one, whatever your name is. Mister..."" The man in black answers, ""Cat-- T. Hewitt Edward Cat."" (intro music) They put Arnie in an ambulance and drive him to the hospital. McAllister goes inside

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