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  • Max is having a poker game with Lady Alex Fox at the hotel and is planning to win her over so that she lets him buy in to her stables, which are worth a lot of money!! He has other business to attend to so he asks Ryan to entertain Lady Alex until he gets back. Max gets a flat tire on the way back so Ryan asks Dave Stocks if he will fill in and play poker! In the kitchen, Lola has put squirty cream on Vince's Pavlova and he's not impressed! When Belle comes to the kitchen, herself and Lola have a play fight with the squirty cream and the Pavlova ends up as nothing on the floor! Vince comes back and is not happy but he manages to quickly make a sweet surprise for the guests!! As the poker game continues Dave is winning a lot of money, Ryan and Jimmy are not happy at this, as they don't want Lady Alex to go away not winning anything thus it might jeopardise Max getting the stables! They decide to cheat and Jimmy sorts the cards so that Lady Alice will win and he puts them up his sle

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