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  • Screedboard is a trademark of Cellecta Ltd in the UK. It is an interlocking reinforced, high density calcium sulphate board. It is used in place of a free flowing or concrete screed and once laid, looks and feels like a traditional concrete screed. It can also be combined with a resilient layer and be used to reduce the transmission of airborne and impact sound through separating floors. ScreedBoard 28 is an award winning, composite interlocking dry 20mm screed board, with an 8mm high performance resilient layer. ScreedBoard 28 is the ultimate single layer acoustic overlay treatment, featuring interlocking edges for installtion convenience. Its high density and unique resilient layer provides unrivalled acoustic performance. ScreedBoard 28 acoustic treatment consists of a grey, ultra high density, recycled calcium sulphate, dry screed sheet, with interlocking edges bonded to a high density, recycled PES fibreboard. Only 28mm thick Suitable for all types of timber and concrete floors Robust Detail treatment for E-FT-5, EF-T-6 and FFT4 compliant Hard wearing surface, looks and feels like a screed Interlocking edges - no need for screws