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  • Brain Damage was a British adult comic that was published monthly by Galaxy Publications and edited by Bill Hampton from 1989 to 1992. Brain Damage was one of many comics emulating the success of Viz; however whereas most of its peers were crude, low-quality Viz imitiations, Brain Damage attempted to capture the quality end of the market, with contributions from recognised cartoonists and satirists and a strong element of UK alternative politics. In this way, it seemed to aspire to be a modern-day Oz. Many issues contained a central theme around which strips were supposed to focus, and each covers featured an unnamed mascot which vaguely resembled the 1980s children's TV puppet Gilbert the Alien. Its sibling titles included the direct Viz clone Gas and reprint anthology Talking Turkey. Brain Damage was published until volume 3, number 4, and was then replaced with Elephant Parts which abandoned the political aspects in favour of surreal nonsense. Elephant Parts supposedly incorporated "The Damage", but as it was printed on different paper stock and with a markedly changed editorial, was effectively a different magazine. Elephant Parts was printed for a few months.

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