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  • The Wanderer is a 1964 science fiction novel by Fritz Leiber, published as a paperback original by Ballantine Books. It won the 1965 Hugo Award for Best Novel. Following its initial paperback edition, The Wanderer was reissued in hardcover by Walker & Co. in 1969, by Gregg Press in 1980, and by the Easton Press in 1991, as well as a Science Fiction Book Club edition in 1987. It was released in hardcover in the UK by Dennis Dobson in 1967, with a paperback edition following from Penguin Books in 1969. Translations have appeared in Dutch, French, German, Hungarian and Italian. The Wanderer was the first novel to win the Hugo Award without previously being published in hardcover or appearing in some form in a genre magazine. The novel deals with a wandering planet that enters the solar system. Its narrative follows multiple disconnected groups of characters to portray the widespread impact of the Wanderer on the entire population of the Earth as well as the varied reactions of different groups as they struggle to cope and survive.

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