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  • Moro is the brand name of two different versions of chocolate bar made by Cadbury. One bar consists of nougat, biscuit and caramel filling and chocolate covering. The wrapper is blue, with the "Moro" logo in white. It is available in Ireland. In May 2006, Moro Peanut was launched, with the words "Formerly Starbar" displayed prominently on the label; the wrapper on this variant is red. In the summer of 2007 a Coconut Moro bar was released as a limited edition in Ireland and colloquially known as the Bounty Moro. The wrapper is white with the Moro logo in yellow with a blue outline. The New Zealand bar has a black wrapper with "Moro" written in yellow. The slogan is 'Get more go' due to its high energy content. This bar has a whipped nougat and caramel centre and is covered in chocolate. There are three different types of Moro sold in New Zealand, the aforementioned 'standard Moro', the Moro Double Nut containing peanuts and hazelnuts, and the recently released Moro Gold, which is similar to the Irish Moro and the Boost Bar sold by Cadbury in Australia.