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  • The Boston Teens are characters featured in a large number of sketches in the American television show Saturday Night Live. Denise "Zazu" McDonough and Pat Sullivan or "Sully" are a pair of Lexington, Massachusetts, teenagers in love. The sketches are presented in the format of home video footage filmed by their unseen friend, Tommy. They have a torrid relationship, often arguing and making up in the same sentence. A prime example of this is Denise's tendency to say, "You're retarded," to which Sully replies, "You are" and immediately starts making out with her. The sketches usually end with one of the participants making a Freudian slip and Sully hoping that Tommy caught it on camera. Denise and Sully are featured in all thirteen sketches. Frankie Hilbert, a long-haired, bespectacled burnout, features in all but the first and latest episodes. In one episode, Justin Timberlake plays Denise's younger brother, Danny, a pyromaniac who provided the family a large sum of money after the Boston Archdiocese paid them off to keep the family from suing a priest who molested him. Donnie Bartalotti, played by Ben Affleck, appeared three times.