<p>Antonov Airport (IATA: GML, ICAO: UKKM) Ukrainian: аеропорт „Антонов” [aeroˈport anˈtonof]), formerly known as Hostomel Airport Ukrainian: аеропорт „Гостомель”) is an international cargo airport in Ukraine, located near Hostomel — the northwestern suburb of Kiev (Boryspil and Zhulyany are the other two airports that serve Kiev). It is also a major aircraft test facility.
The only An-225, world's largest operating aircraft, is based in Hostomel.
The airport is operated by the Antonov ASTC and used by Antonov Airlines, as well as by other interested cargo carriers. The following facilities and services are available on site:
Hostomel Airport is also a testing base for new models of Antonov planes, possessing special equipment for it (e.g., artificial lightning generator) and a purpose test flight zone. Its sister facility, responsible for manufacturing, is located inside Kiev at the Sviatoshyn Airfield.
Ukrainian Air Force is either using or was using the airport for its transportation forces.</p>