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  • Divehi Akuru or Dhives Akuru is a script formerly used to write the Maldivian language. This script was called "Dives Akuru" by H. C. P. Bell who studied Maldive epigraphy when he retired from the British government service in Colombo and wrote an extensive monography on the archaeology, history and epigraphy of the Maldive islands. The Divehi Akuru developed from the Grantha script. The early form of this script was Dīvī Grantha which was christened Evēla Akuru by HCP Bell in order to distinguish it from the more recent variants of the same script. The ancient form can be seen in the loamaafaanu of the 12th and 13th centuries and in inscriptions on coral stone dating back from the Maldive Buddhist period. Like the native script of Sri Lanka and those of most of India, and unlike Thaana, Dhives akuru is descended ultimately from the Brahmi script and thus was written from left to right. Divehi Akuru was still used in some atolls in the South Maldives as the main script until around 70 years ago. Since then, use is purely scholarly, or by hobbyists.

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