<p>International Medical and Technological University (IMTU) is a university in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The International Medical and Technological University (IMTU) is a privately owned university level higher education institution operating in Tanzania.
The university is committed to providing quality higher education in Tanzania.
The mission of the university, therefore, is to
'Advance, expand, transmit, enhance and perceive knowledge for the benefit of the people of Tanzania and the world in general'.
The vision of the University is
'to be a centre of excellence in the advancement, expansion and transmission of knowledge, through training and research, outreach activities and public service'.
The university aspires to be a centre of excellence through:
The owner of the university is Shri Katuri Subba Rao, the founder of the Vignan Educational Foundation (VEF). The VEF of Bagalore, India initiated establishment of the university in Tanzania at the behest of the Late Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere, the Father of the Tanzania nation.
The seeds of the venture were sown by His Excellency Benjamin Mkapa, the third president of Tanzania when he was the Minister for Science, Technology and</p>