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  • The ESP 85A is a target pistol produced by the German firearms company Erma. Mainly used as a sporting arm, it is also found in service with security companies. It is available in two calibers, .22LR and .32 S&W Long. There is a difference between models marked ESP85 and ESP85A. Both versions could have been had with either the 100 mm or 153 mm barrel. There is even a shorter version, where the barrel flushes with the forward front of the slide. Some models, probably the ESP85, have a longer trigger bar than the ESP85A, and also with a different placed disconnector-notch in the slide. These part do not interchange. The ESP85 also has a simpler, all-steel trigger, whereas the ESP85A has a forward-rearward adjustable plastic-steel trigger. The feeding ramp between the ESP85 and ESP85A is also a bit different. While one may attach the barrel to the frame, the trigger will not work, because rearward movement will stop against the feeding-ramp. But a usable conversion can be made with the help of a gunsmith. Although the precision is on par with any top-notch target pistols, the high barrel-line will increase felt recoil, and doesn't lend it self to ISSF rapid-fire matches.