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  • Guy I was the second lord of Bray and the second lord of Montlhéry. He was probably the son of Thibaud of Montmorency, but some sources say that his father was named Milo. Thibaud may instead have been his grandfather. He married Hodierna of Gometz, daughter of William, lord of Gometz. They had seven children: Milo I the Great, lord of Montlhéry, married Lithuaise, sister of Stephen of Blois. Melisende of Montlhéry, married Hugh I, count of Rethel, mother of Baldwin II of Jerusalem Elizabeth of Montlhéry, married Joscelin, lord of Courtenay, mother of Joscelin I, Count of Edessa Guy II the Red, lord of Rochefort Beatrice of Rochefort, married Anseau of Garlande Hodierna of Montlhéry, married Walter of Saint-Valéry Alice of Montlhéry, married Hugh I, lord of Le Puiset Guy died in 1095, the same year Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade. Many of his descendants had illustrious careers in the Holy Land, through the Montlhéry, Courtenay, and Le Puiset branches of his family.

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