<p>The Newcastle University Union Society is the students' union of Newcastle University, in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It aims to represent students' interests at the university and provide services on a daily basis
The current Union Society exists due to the merger of several earlier student organisations. The oldest of these was the Junior Union Society (founded in 1880) which arranged debates and dances. The other organisation was known as the Union Society. The previous Union Society dealt almost solely with student societies and entertainment and was governed by a Union Management Committee. The committee was composed of the President (in the Chair), the Lady President, two Vice Presidents (one male, one female), the Secretary, and various members of staff from King’s College (including the Bursar and the Society Steward). This structure remained in varying forms until the 1950s.
The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of Armstrong College (a former college of Durham University) was formed in 1900 to represent all students in matters of policy to the Board of Professors. It remained a separate entity, being the SRC of King's College in the University of Durham from 1937-63</p>