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  • ABC Pool was a website housed within the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as part of ABC Radio National's Multi-platform and Content Development department. The site was launched as a public beta in August 2008 and is a space where people can upload, share, collaborate and communicate with other members of the 'Pool' community. Some of the best work on the site has resulted in on-air outcomes through programs on ABC Radio National and ABC Open network. ABC Pool was a project that explores the space between broadcast and participatory media. The site made use of Creative Commons licenses, both releasing limited ABC archival material as CC and allowing users to licence their work as CC.Pool has been one of the ABC's first websites to take advantage of Creative Commons Licensing, enabling Pool's online community to share content within a safe legal framework, allowing for pastiche and adaptation. The Pool went offline in June 2013, and has been replaced with a summary of the project, and links to archived material.