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  • Dipping all the way back into the bag of games from the eighties, the user will find the Frodosoft game, Miner, this specific version in VGA graphics. It is a simplistic little game with clear cut goals that is amazingly addictive and will certainly keep the gamer coming back level after level. Big surprise that the gamer will play the part of a cute little miner in Miner VGA. He spends his time in the game by sifting through mountains of dirt in search of precious metals buried within it, such as silver, gold and platinum. The setting of the game is a small, but budding, pioneer town. It has all of the things a stereotypical early Western town would have: a little store, a saloon, and of course a “house of ill repute.” The ultimate goal of the game is to find enough precious metal to become wealthy and impress the lovely Miss Mimi, the proprietor of the local cat house, with whom the little hero is madly in love. Finding the metals needed to become the millionaire you desire is not going to be as easy as it sounds. If the metals were common and easy to find, they would not be worth very much. The miner will have to pan through mountains and mountains of junk and rocks, and muddy earth to find even scraps of what he seeks. The user will also find things that are not normally found buried in the rock and earth. He will find bonus items that will upgrade his equipment. (Of course, supplies can be bought at the store for a fee, and it will save the miner’s pocket book if he can find what he would otherwise purchase.) The miner will also find precious jewels and gemstones that will sell for more than scraps of silver and increase his wealth more quickly. There are other overall “gifts” such as the four leaf clover that will make the miner luckier. There are dangers in the mine that are somewhat reflective of those that real miners face in real life. There is always a realistic chance that the mine shaft will cave in as the miner tunnels toward his goal. Springs will be struck and will cause damage. The miner has a limited amount of health, and as tragedies befall him, it will whittle away and he will eventually end up in the great mine of the sky. Despite the upgrade to VGA, Miner VGA still features very limited graphic, but the game play and overall strategies do not change. It is a good little game that has been cloned and redone in various formats since its inception. It is a solid little game and the user will likely find himself quickly addicted.

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